Your Voice. Your Identity.
Patricia specialises in the voice and is Australia's only Certified McClosky Voice Technician (CMVT). 

She regularly works with clients on establishing or improving vocal technique.

McClosky Workshops

Vocal Coaching

Public Speaking

Troubled Voices

Patricia teaches singing and coaches professional singers of all genres using the McClosky Technique as a basis for establishing or improving vocal technique and production in all genres.

Some of its famous users include folksinger Joan Baez and opera singer Grace Brumby.

Let her help you improve your voice and achieve your optimal voice and vocal success. 
The McClosky Technique is used by actors, orators, public speakers, teachers, doctors, politicans, stay at home parents - anyone who uses their voice in their profession or occupation.

Its famous users include he late USA President Lyndon B. Johnson, Govenor Michael Dukakis (USA-MA), sportscaster Curt Gowdy and actors Faye Dunaway, Al Pacino, Jill Clayburgh and Ruth Gordon. David Blair McClosky was also John F. Kennedy's (JFK) vocal coach during his presidential campaign.

Speak like the best.
The McClosky Technique is used to assist and address troubled voices and will assist its users in improving vocal sound, stamina and longevity; refining an established vocal technique; preserving the voice during one's occupational hours; learning new methods; singing and speaking with freedom; and eliminating vocal pain.

​Be confident with your voice.
Patricia can assist your chorus, ensemble, production and/or team with either a half-day or full-day McClosky Voice Seminar. The seminar will be tailored to your group's requests and/or needs and will be structured according to the session time.

Both the half-day and full-day seminars will include a session on basic vocal health and an introduction to the McClosky Technique.

Accent Coaching

Customised Corporate

Corporate Chorus & Ensemble

Achieving clarity in diction can be tricky to achieve, particularly if English is not your first language. Patricia regularly assists ESL/EFL speakers with their English diction and projection. Improve your pronunciation, clarity and projection in English.

A minimum of 12 sessions is suggested for the best results; however, more may be required. Guidance on progress with be provided at the end of the 12 sessions with a plan for either further improvement or diction maintenance.

​Be confident when you speak. 
The corporate environment possesses its own unique requirements and needs can vary depending on your company, its mission, structure and employees.

Patricia can tailor a McClosky workshop to your employees. Workshops will always include an introduction to the McClosky Technique and a session on basic vocal health.

Small group learning and/or one-on-one sessions for individualised attention is highly recommended, so that employees can apply what they have learned to their own unique needs and requirements.

​You'll be amazed at the changes.
Musicians work in teams  all the time​. They perform together in bands, orchestras, produtions... you name it, they are working together to acehive a common goal: an emotional and meaningful performance. Even when they're a soloist, they still collaborate with their team on a regular basis.

New Holland Consort's Artistic Director, Georg Corall, and Vocal Specialist Patricia Alessi willl work with your company to establish a coroporate chorus or ensemble. Employees will have placement auditions (i.e. for voice part) and attend weekly rehearsals to prepare for an end-of-project performance for the whole company.

Employees will enhance their teamwork skills with a very real outcome demonstrating their success.

​Work with the best to acheive the best.
Professional Musician
Patricia practices what she preaches. She trained in the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Patricia regularly performs worldwide and specialises in early music and modern music (all styles); however, she has performed in all genres and is at home on any stage.

Patricia is the Managing Director for New Holland Consort, Inc. She is also its Voice Specialist and Stage Director.

Patricia has recently accepted a position at Mount Pleasant College, where she lectures in music.

Patricia is an emerging composer and has begun premiering her own arragements and compositions with professional ensembles.
As a professional musician, researcher and academic, Patricia possesses a unique skill set that can help to ensure your project's success at all levels (including project creation, management and completion).

She consults on private and public sector projects and is skilled in consulting on interdiscipliCadsfasdfasdfnary projects, research projects and all music-related projects (including venue creation and venue re-development).

Contact Patricia to discuss your upcoming project and how she can assist in its timely and successful completion.